Sunday, September 2, 2018

A new focus

It has been a LONG 3 years since my last post and for good reason...I had mentioned in a previous post about survivor's guilt, let me just reiterate- it is a REAL phenomenon making a blog posts feel invasive while adding to the guilt.  Instead of putting myself out there and feeling tremendous guilt for a seemingly easy course dealing with cancer, I held those feelings within and ignored the blog.  It did not change my commitment to OM, nor did it keep me from periodically posting on social media so I have maintained some connection to this cause and points of awareness.  I have actually met OM patients who have read my blog!  One, in particular, I became a mentor to as she started her journey with OM.  I often called her as she had questions and concerns about surgeries and recovery.  She is doing great now and is under the care of the best doctors...I was thankful to have been a small part of her journey through my blog. 

But as life continues to evolve for me, I find myself broadening my interests, taking on more challenges and reaping BIG rewards.  I live a GRAND life, one full of adventure, creativity and perspective and I have decided to use this blog as a means to share this crazy and fun adventure I am on.  For those who follow along, you get to share with me.  This is my creative outlet for the wonderfully inspired journey I am on.

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